Henna Brows Online Course

£300.00 £200.00

This course is accredited by abt and is fully insurable.
This course is designed for those who already hold a brow shaping & tinting qualification, who want to add henna brows to their treatment list. You must qualified be in brow shaping in tinting for a minimum of 6 months before this course.

This online training will cover everything from mapping, application, removal, kit and so much more!
Our extensive online theory allows you to watch us carry out the treatment, whilst explaining everything that we are doing!

You will need to complete two case studies to become a certified Henna brows stylist. You can do this through a live video call with one of our master trainers, or you can come to our academy to complete your models, with us at hand to guide you through the whole process.

Price is including a dyotics henna brows starter kit including the following:

Dyotics brow henna in shades – honey, taupe, natural brown, ash brown, raven
Dyotics skin prep lotion
Dyotics stain remover
Dyotics roop charcoal inked thread
Mrs highbrow angled brush
Bëbë brows flat concealer brush